Drivers do yourself and everyone else a favor; skip turning right into Kong Sin Wan Road and use Cyberport 1 for drop-off or pick-up of students accompanied by adults or able to cross on their own.

With first week of full school days completed, how do you like drop-off and pickup-up vehicular arrangements?

If you are indifferent, I would guess your child is a bus rider or you have other people handling the logistics of your children.Right Turn Limited vsmall

Most would agree it could be better. Some would term that an understatement.

I suspect for certain periods of the day we have too many vehicles on the road system.

Families should consider whether the bus or a carpool with fellow members of the ISF Academy community are viable options.   If carpooling is something you would consider the PTA offers a forum where members can place and review messages from other PTA members. Click here for the forum. You will have to log on with your pta id and password to reach the forum.

I also notice Kong Sin Wan road and its drop-off/pick-up point carry too much traffic relative to our other two drop-off/pick-up points (Cyberport 2 and Cyberport 1).

While many schools could only dream of having a parking garage next to their school. The use of the Cyberport parking garage (with its free parking, if you are out in 30 minutes) is not strong.

Traffic needs to shift from using Kong Sin Wan to using the Cyberport garage and drop-off/pick-up points.

You may recall that the school policy is that drivers who wish to use Kong Sin Wan should come from the roundabout and make a left turn. Those using the Cyberport garage and drop-off/pick-up points should come from the traffic signal.

Currently too many vehicles are turning right from Information Crescent into Kong Sin Wan Road when Kong Sin Wan road is full of cars. The result is the right turning vehicle stops and cars behind cannot proceed until it clears. Waiting to turn right isn't the problem, so long as there are no vehicles caught behind you.

Those behind you are leaving Cyberport 2, leaving (and sometimes entering) the carpark, and trying to get to Cyberport 1.  

A top turn off for using the parking garage is the difficulty in leaving quickly.  The right turning from Information Crescent into Kong Sin Wan Road is a strong contributing factor to delayed departures from the parking garage.

With the addition of the new crosswalk, Cyberport 1 is the best* drop off point.

*I'll grant you that it isn't the best if you need to drop off an unaccompanied younger child, since both Information Crescent crosswalks are unsupervised.

Those who do use Cyberport 1 need to pull as far forward as possible so that we can get as many vehicles in the drop-off/pick-up point as possible. Drive Forward 2015 vsmall

Let's minimize vehicles sticking out into the street which delays those attempting to leave the area.

Drivers need to break the habit of parking or waiting with your vehicle at the Cyberport 1 drop-off /pick-up point so more vehicles can be served there safely.  

With revised procedures at pick-up time, adults aren't allowed onto campus until 3:25pm. Consider arriving a bit closer to 3:25 pm to avoid standing in the heat or rain.

With the new sidewalk, we now have viable choices for all pedestrians to take to avoid walking in the street. The arrangements should provide a safer environment.

Lastly, there are few safety items I hope all drivers consider.

1) Our Information Crescent cross walks are unsupervised. While many students are accompanied by adults and most students demonstrate common sense, stay aware as you drive through these crosswalks. The unintended consequence of improved traffic flow is the occasional opportunity for a vehicle to travel through a crosswalk at a higher speed.

2) The school driveways are not turnaround points for vehicles. The 3 point turn-around is dangerous in the presence of the many pedestrians who come and go from the school. Drivers should be aware that to travel down Kong Sin Wan Road one will likely encounter delays, sometimes long delays. Don't pull in then change your mind and turn around. New parents should now know better and existing parents always knew that Kong Sin Wan can be a bear.

3) No vehicles are expected to put any wheels on the sidewalks next to the school. Signs are posted each afternoon.

Our safety record is spotless so far. 

Let's keep it that way.