Parents should be reminded that there are ample parking spaces at the Cyberport Car Park during student drop-off and pick-up times. There is free parking for 30 minutes.

Parents and guardians are also asked to observe the traffic arrangements that have been in force since mid-March 2015. Three pick-up/drop-off points are available: Point A on Kong Sin Wan Road outside the Secondary Gate is used by Primary students, whereas Point B (outside Cyberport Phase II building) and Point C (outside Cyberport Phase I building) are used by Secondary students (please see illustration in the map below). Parents and guardians should also refrain from turning right into Kong Sin Wan Road from Information Crescent, and from stopping and parking at the road junction.





The transportation department recently added a yellow crossing box at the entrance to the Cyberport Bus Terminal. 

The markings are a reminder to keep access in and out of the Bus Terminal clear of vehicles.

This message is for drivers and employers of drivers in the community who use vehicles for drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon.

Keep it safe and care for the community.