As after school CCAs start, school pick-up traffic volume is spread over several dismissal times.  Pick-up times are the standard 3:25 pm, and now include 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm with some secondary students leaving even later.

The school's drop off and pickup zones and best practices apply through the entire period of pick-up times.

With CCAs there will be additional buses arriving on campus to shuttle students to various activities.  Be mindful that our own students are affected when traffic delays impact CCA buses.

The drop off and pickup zones along with the best practices from the school are outlined in materials delivered to parents at the start of the school year.

Drivers please keep in mind that your actions affect the rest of the commuting community. 

When drivers make good choices the whole community benefits.


Based on the schools best practices for drop-off and pick-up and the traffic regulations in place, these are the designed flows of traffic.

Enter From

Drop-off or

Pick-up Point

Exit To

The roundabout intersection

near the hotel. 

 1) Kong Sin Wan Road

Near secondary entrance.  

Left out of Kong Sin Wan Road

toward the intersection

with the traffic light. 

During peak times drivers

are encouraged to leave

the neighborhood

by turning left at the traffic light.

Intersection with traffic light

towards bus depot. 

1) Cyberport 2 lay-by

(see signs for lane instructions).

2) Cyberport car park.

3) Cyberport 1 lay-by

(See signs for instructions).

Toward the roundabout intersection

near the hotel.


During peak times drivers

are encouraged to leave

the neighborhood

by turning right at the roundabout.






















Please Note These Take-aways for Drivers:

The school driveways on Kong Sin Wan Road are not to be used for waiting (even during quiet times) or turning around when things are busy. 

The school driveways and adjacent street should be kept clear so that school buses may enter and exit the campus and in case first responder vehicles need urgent access to the campus to attend to your child or someone else. 


The Cyberport 1 lay-by can be better used.

 - At peak drop-off times vehicles should not wait at the layaway for parents to complete morning goodbyes and walk over.

 - At peak pick-up times vehicles should pull in only after passengers are at the lay-by.

-  Vehicles should pull as far forward as possible into the lay-by. 

-  Those waiting to be picked up should wait as far forward in the lay-by as possible.  This allows the maximum number of cars to be picked up.


The morning drop-off driving community would benefit if more vehicles dropped at the Cyberport 1 lay-by and less turned right from Information Crescent onto Kong Sin Wan.

- Students accompanied or not must make it across the new (west) crosswalk on Information Crescent. 

- Some of our familes may not feel comfortable doing so and would rather drop off on Kong Sin Wan in front of the school. 

- We would encourage those who wish to use the drop off on Kong Sin Wan in front of school to approach from the roundabout and take a left into Kong Sin Wan.


A right turn from Information Crescent into the Cyberport 1 layaway is not legal. 

 - Obstructing traffic crossing over the oncoming traffic lane interferes with a large flow of vehicles exiting west.

 - Waiting to turn, delays those behind the turning vehicle.


When Kong Sin Wan becomes full of cars "a parking lot",  drivers should refrain from waiting to turn down Kong Sin Wan from either direction.  Instead they should proceed "as if"  the street is closed and make alternative arrangements.


The "Choke of Gridlock (CoG)" can occur at pick-up if traffic is pinched to a stanstill or if vehicles leaving from the roundabout or stoplight block each other.  Do your part to avoid the "CoG".

-  Vehicles coming from the traffic light must leave adequate space for vehicles coming the other way.  This includes space for the full sized school buses.  

-  Vehicles waiting in the direction of the roundabout and hotel need to leave adequate space for vehicles coming the other way.

- At peak times, vehicles exiting at the traffic light should give strong consideration to going left (southeast) and vehicles exiting the roundabout should give strong consideration to exiting right (northbound).  This reduces the chances of gridlock.   


As a courtesy to pedestrians, vehicles planning to drive through crosswalks should not enter the crosswalk space until they are certain that they can clear the crosswalk.

- For example, if several cars are turning right into Kong Sin Wan coming from the traffic signal, drivers should make a judgement whether they can proceed through the old crosswalk before driving through it.  At peak times a stationary vehicle in the crosswalk is most unhelpful. 


Please continue to use your turn signals as it helps everyone using and monitoring the street.

Let's Keep it Safe and Moving Out There.