The first days of drop off and pickup are always a bit chaotic.

Here are some early observations:

1) Our sidewalks adjacent to the school are clear of cars.

2) Our pedestrians are keeping to the sidewalks.

3) Vehicles have been adhering to no waiting at double yellow lines.

4) Our new No Right Turn leaving Kong Sin Wan is working well when someone is standing at the intersection and someone is providing crosswalk control so vehicles can get out going left.

5) The Cyberport 1 layaway is very popular.

6) Until CCAs begin and afterschool pick-up is spread over the three dismissal times, leaving school will be very challenging.

7) A considerable number of vehicles are electing to drop off their students at or just west of the new Crosswalk on the north side of Information Crescent.

This has become an informal drop-off spot in the morning.  What do we mean by informal?  The school has not designated this a drop off spot.

This is somewhat similar to the east side of Kong Sin Wan, just north of the crosswalk, being informally used as a pickup point for parents returning to their vehicles.

8) Vehicles exiting the Cyberport Car park encounter significant delays for a period of time after dismissal.


Please Note These Take Aways for Drivers:

The school driveways on Kong Sin Wan Road are not to be used for waiting during quiet times or turning around when things are busy. 

The school driveways should also be kept clear in case first responder vehicles need urgent access to the campus.


The Cyberport 1 layaway is not a waiting area for vehicles.

 - At peak drop-off times vehicles should not wait at the layaway for parents to complete morning goodbyes and walk over.

 - At peak pick-up times vehicles should pull in only after passengers are at the layaway.


A right turn from Information Crescent into the Cyberport 1 layaway is not legal. 

 - Obstructing traffic crossing over the oncoming traffic lane interferes with a large flow of vehicles exiting west.

 - Waiting to turn delays those behind the vehicle going east.


If Kong Sin Wan becomes full of cars "a parking lot",  drivers should refrain from waiting to turn down Kong Sin Wan from either direction.  Instead they should proceed as if the street is closed and make alternative arrangements.


Please continue to use your turn signals as it helps everyone using and monitoring the street.

Let's Keep it Safe and Moving Out There.