The monitoring station The ISF Academy follows is Central/Western. 

The AQHI for Central/Western can be found here

Target Students: Graduating Grade 9 – 12 / Form 3 – 6 students (Grade 8 on exceptional basis)

Program Dates (2013):

-          Session 1: June 24 – July 5

-          Session 2: July 22 – Aug 2   

Each session will be a 10 full-day program, classes will be held at Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan.

 Program Components

-          Leadership Simulation

-          Leadership Case Studies

-          Consultant to NGO projects(partner organizations in the past include Grameen Foundation, Dialogue in the Dark, Diamond Cab, Crossroads, Table for Two, Bits-to-Bloc)

-          Exposure to Inspirational Leaders

-          Self Awareness and Inner Leader Workshops

-          Optional college related workshops (personal statement, interview, choosing major) and networking event

-          Group and one-on-one coaching during and after program


Recap of 2011 and 2012 Program

In the past two years, the “Young Leaders of Tomorrow” Summer Program has attracted top students from local, international and overseas high schools including CIS, HKIS, SIS, ICS, ISF Academy, CNIS, West Island, Shatin College, Yew Chung, DBS, DGS, St Paul’s Co-ed, Heep Yunn, Exeter (US), St. Paul’s (US), Choate (US), Lawrenceville (US), Hockaday (US), Cheltenham Ladies’ College (UK), Winchester (UK), Victoria JC (Singapore), Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore), St Andrew's Secondary (Singapore), SCGS (Singapore) and Alice Smith (Malaysia).  Our partner NGOs and social enterprises included Grameen Foundation, Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence, Crossroads, Table for Two, Diamond Cab, and Bits-to-Bloc. Our Senior Facilitators are dedicated educators who are ex-business professionals having worked at Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, World Bank and graduated from Harvard Business School, Yale, Wharton, Columbia, Cornell.  Our Junior Facilitators are current college students elected from top Ivy League and other overseas universities.

We received excellent feedback for last year’s program – 100% of students would recommend the program, several students “can’t stop talking about the program” at home (from parent’s feedback), and NGO Leaders are adopting ideas and suggestions from students. Students also learned a lot about leadership and themselves from the program, e.g., about how they make decisions, about the strength and challenge of their communication style, challenging themselves to speak up (or less in some cases), giving each other and facilitators feedback.

An Information Session will be held on March 15, 2013 at 6:30pm.  Please RSVP at if you are interested in attending.

Parent feedback:  The programs are tailored for high school kids with outings and fun activites but also tests and quizzes to ensure they learn. They were all taught by very experienced local high school teachers, and the parents will be able to discuss and meet with the teachers after the course is completed (can be over the phone).  For the science courses, kids have a chance to perform experiments in the world class Lab too!

Parent Feedback: This is a bit serious, lots of homework and very tough.  The course is taught by college professors. It is a bit more challenging, serious and very focussed on academic work (they get college credits). There is lots of homework and it's very tough and therefore only recommended it for G11 students.

NOTE: Dates have been changed to Jul 21-Aug 4.

In collaboration with Tsinghua University COACE (The Centre for Overseas Academic and Cultural Exchanges), ActiveKids offers a tailored intensive Chinese Language and Cultural Program in Beijing. This program aims to enhance participants’ Chinese language proficiency, increase their understanding about Chinese culture and society, providing students with some community service opportunities, as well as making international friends in a pleasant student environment with providing excellent, passionate teachers.

为了推广汉语教学和中国文化,促进学术交流,加强学生在跨文化及专业方面的国际交往,清华大学为海外学生开设了了‘中国文化与普通话(汉语)课程’。本课程历时20 余年,为学员创造良好舒适的学习环境,配备优质师资,旨在提高学员的汉语水平,增强学员对中国社会文化的了解,促进国际间的交流与合作。

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Monticle is a non-profit leadership training organization, inspiring future leaders through education and life philosophies.

Heuristics (yoo-ris-tics) involves enabling a person to learn through experience. Monticle’s heuristics approach allows the individual to not only hear and see, but understand, and retain the knowledge learned. Through heuristics, individuals are encouraged to discover, develop, understand, and solve problems on their own.

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