The monitoring station The ISF Academy follows is Central/Western. 

The AQHI for Central/Western can be found here

I'd like to suggest a great way for active ISF (particularly lower primary) kids to get some Mandarin immersion this summer in HK. We use a terrific wushu/Taichi teacher who has openings this summer if kids want to get together as a group for some lessons. It's a nice break from the gruelling academics and he seriously speaks very little, if any English! (Ann Bridgewater: contact to discuss further with Ann)

HK International Wushu Cultural Centre Ltd
Mr. Yu Cun Liang at 9500-8357 or

THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SYMPOSIUM is a demanding summer program specially developed for pre-college (G10-12) students who are keen to raise their global, social and self awareness through a rst-hand exploration of a relevant contemporary issue of strategic relevance to future generations - sustainable development. We believe that our future leaders, whether they are engaged in government, private enterprise or non-prot organizations, must be equipped with relevant life skills and knowledge to be impactful as responsible global citizens.

The Centre for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (CSDGC) at Stanford University, in collaboration with Foundation Global Education and, has introduced a summer program which is unlike other university courses: interactive workshops and seminars with scholars and industry practitioners, field visits, self-managed projects and high caliber mentors from Stanford University.

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Registration is now open for the Fuhsing Chinese Summer Camp 2013.  You can register on-line through their website:

If you choose to register with the ISF group, kindly return the registration form, medical form and payment to The ISF Academy Primary Office .

Details about the camp and necessary forms are availalble if you click Here.

 The Odyssey Institute has teamed up with legendary film makers at The Paradigm Shift Project to create a brand new film school in South East Asia for young film makers from all around the world.

Make your own film from start to finish in 13 days! We’ll cover everything from research to distribution. All films focus on a conservation theme to raise awareness of pressing environmental issues, like endangered species, the illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change, sustainable livelihoods, and so much more. You’ll learn how to find your
story and get the shots you need, while refining your creative and artistic vision to reach your target audience. Learn how to integrate photography, music, effects, and social media marketing to maximize the impact of your film. Learn how to create a film that can be used for multiple purposes, like education, advocacy, and fundraising. Learn valuable
skills in researching, interviewing, editing, and the ethics and best practices for filmmaking in different social, cultural, and physical environments. And gain valuable experience for your future career! Most of all, learn about your passion and your voice as a filmmaker and about how you can be an agent of change.

Odyssey Film School Brochure

Dragons programs are authentic, rugged and profound learning adventures that expose the beautiful and complex realities of the countries in which we travel. Featuring extended itineraries, Dragons programs encourage deep immersion into strikingly different physical and cultural landscapes, combining the best in experiential education, travel, service learning, and physically and intellectually challenging experiences.

While Dragons programs vary in their focus—with some trekking and wilderness intensive, others strong on service and development studies, and still others language-oriented—all Dragons journeys are designed above all else to be fun, safe and honest educational experiences.

Summer Programmes