“The Future of Jobs” Seminar, 19th September (Primary School focused)

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This is an important seminar on “The Future of Jobs” from the perspectives of parents, teachers, university guidance counsellors and school principals.

The ISF Academy PTA Speaker Series Presents:

“The Future of Jobs” Seminar

According to the World Economic Forum: “New categories of jobs will emerge, partly or wholly displacing others. The skill sets required in both old and new occupations will change in most industries and transform how and where people work.  It may also affect female and male workers differently and transform the dynamics of the industry gender gap.”

The OECD recently estimated that 14% of existing jobs could disappear as a result of automation in the next 15-20 years, and another 32% are likely to change radically as individual tasks are automated.  Many people and communities have been left behind by globalisation and a digital divide persists in access to new technologies – resulting in inequalities along age, gender, and socio-economic lines.

Primary > Secondary > University > working in the “Real World”.   In 10, 15, 20 years,  

  • What will be the core issues facing our children in the “real world”? And what opportunities will emerge?
  • What key challenges will our children need to overcome?
  • How should we, as parents, be educating and preparing them …. NOW?

We will go deeper in our discussion and attempt to answer the above questions and those posed in the documentary ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ which we screened in March 2019. Attendance at that screening is not a prerequisite to joining this event.  However, participants are strongly encouraged to have thought through the above questions and be ready to actively engage in this group discussion.

Please join us for this important seminar on “The Future of Jobs” from the perspectives of parents, teachers, university guidance counsellors and school principals.

Session 2 (Primary School focused) 

Date:    Thursday, 19th September, 2019

Venue: The ISF Academy Yidan Chinese Cultural Centre

Time: 8:00 a.m.: Registration starts   (Snacks and drinks will be served)

            8:15 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: Discussion + Q&A

Moderators:  (1) Mr. Fred CHANN, (2) Ms. Penny HO

Panellists:      (1) Ms. CHIANG Hsiao-Tze, (2) Ms. Wonna LIU

Special Guest: Ms. SHAN Ning

Language:   Discussion in Putonghua and English

Fees:  The ISF Academy PTA Members: Free

             ISF Academy Non-PTA Members/ISF Pre-School Parents: $250 per person.

               (This event is open to The ISF Academy community only.)

Registration for the seminar opens on Tuesday, 10th September at www.isfpta.org .

About the Speakers


Mr. Fred CHANN (ISF Academy Parent)

Fred is the proud father of Sabrina (graduated student) and Nicholas (Grade 11).  In 2009 - 2011, he was an elected member of the PTA, serving as Treasurer, co-organizer of the Speaker Series and a member of the Strategic Planning Working Group.   He has contributed to the building of our vibrant community - as PTA Network’s Middle School and Senior School Co-coordinator; Grade Co-coordinator for the Class of 2019; introducer and facilitator of The Parenting Teenagers Course; and leader of the inaugural charity drive for Box of Hope.  In his blog (www.parentwithvision.com), Fred shares his research about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and key implications for education and parenting.

Ms. Penny HO (Director of Learning Support)

Ms. Ho served The ISF Academy as a school social worker from 2007 to 2009. She then joined the Academy as a Senior Guidance Counsellor. She was appointed as Head of Learning Support in 2010 and subsequently named Director of Learning Support in 2013.

She received her Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. After seven years of working as a social worker for The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Ms. Ho went to the UK to further her professional training and obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from the University of Roehampton in London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms. Ho has been actively serving the Hong Kong community. She has facilitated workshops to introduce Dance Movement Psychotherapy to NGOs and social services organizations in Hong Kong. In her time at The ISF Academy, she has always been the advocate of student voice and will continue to cultivate a caring, inclusive and supportive atmosphere for students.

Other panellists:

Ms. CHIANG Hsiao-Tzu (Deputy Primary Principal, Chinese)

Ms. Chiang joined the ISF Academy in 2007. She graduated from Fu Jen University in Taiwan with a Bachelor degree in Sociology, and completed her Master Programme at the University of Chinese Culture in Taiwan, specializing in Journalism. Ms. Chiang has worked with the Academy’s Primary school department for many years. She possesses great knowledge towards the Primary School’s curriculum and teaching methods, and has displayed great affection towards Primary School teaching.

Ms. Wonna LIU (Master Teacher)

Ms. Liu joined the ISF Academy in 2012. She graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in China with a Bachelor degree in Communication and Control, and completed her Master Programme at the Fudan University in China. Ms. LIU had ten years of teaching experience in Korea and before joining The ISF Academy.

Special Guest:

Ms. SHAN Ning (Primary School Principal)

Ms. Shan Ning joined The ISF Academy in August 2008 as the Deputy Head of the Primary Division and was promoted to Primary Head in August 2009. She has a Master of Arts in Education from Capital Normal University and a Bachelor of Arts from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Ms. Shan taught Chinese and Moral Education for more than ten years at a local school in Beijing before becoming Headmistress of the renowned Jingyuan School Primary Branch in Beijing. After a year there, she was selected to be the first Headmistress of Shijingshan Foreign Language Experimental Primary School in Beijing, a new government school for students from ages 5 to 12, where she spent six years before joining The ISF Academy.



根據世界經濟論壇:“新的工作類別將呈現部分或全部取代其它工作。 新與舊職業所需的技能組合將在大多數行業中發生變化,並改變人們工作的方式和地點。 它也可能對女性和男性工人產生不同的影響,並改變各行業性別差距的動態。

經濟合作與發展組織最近估計,由於未來15 - 20年工作的自動化,14%的現有工作崗位可能會消失,而另外32%的工作崗位可能會隨著個別任務的自動化而發生根本變化。 全球化使許多人和社群跟不上,數碼鴻溝持續存在於獲取新技術的過程中 - 導致年齡,性別和社會經濟方面的不平等。

小學 > 中學 > 大學  > 投身“真實世界”工作   10年,15年,20年後,

  • 孩子們投身「現實世界」的核心問題是什麼?哪些契機會呈現?
  • 我們的孩子需要克服哪些關鍵挑戰?
  • 作為父母,我們現在應該如何教育和準備他們?

我們將在這研討會更深入地討論並嘗試回答上述問題,以及我們在2019年3月放映的紀錄片“最可能成功”中提及的問題。雖然觀看該紀錄片和參與相關的討論不是參加本研討會的先決條件, 我們強烈建議與會者仔細考慮上述問題,並準備好積極參與小組討論。


研討會(二) 聚焦小學社群



時間:上午 8:00: 開始登記(敬備小點及飲品招待)

           上午 8:15 10:00:  研討會 + 問答時間

研討會主持:(1 陳明德 先生(2 何莉萍 女士 

研討會嘉賓:(1 姜孝慈副校長  (2)劉雯娜老師 

特別嘉賓:     單寧校長


收費:   弘立家教會會員 -免費

            非弘立家教會會員/弘立幼稚園家長 每位$250

講座將於 910 (星期二) 開始接受報名,到時敬請登入 www.isfpta.org



陳明德先生 (弘立家長)

陳先生以兩位子女陳祖詒同學(畢業生)和陳君銳同學(11年級)為傲。由 2009 2011年,他曾擔任家教會的司庫、家教會專題講座系列的合辦人和學校發展規劃工作小組的成員。他一直為建立一個充滿活力的學校社群作出貢獻,包括出任家教會網絡初中和高中協調員、2019年畢業班的協調員、「青少年育兒課程」的介紹人及導師和首次「盒載的希望」慈善活動的領導。陳先生在他的博客(www.parentwithvision.com )中分享對「第四次工業革命」的研究和這工業革命對教育和育兒的重要啟示。

何莉萍女士 (學習支援總監

何莉萍女士於 2007–2009 年擔任弘立書院的駐校社工。她其後加入弘立書 院成為高級輔導主任。她在 2010 年獲委任為學習支援主管,並在 2013 年出 任學習支援總監。

何女士擁有香港中文大學的社會工作社會科學學士學位。在香港小童群益會 任職社工丂年後,何女士赴英國接受進一步的專業培訓,並在倫敦羅漢普頓大學取得舞動心理治療研究文憑。何女士在香港土生土長,熱心服務本地社群。她亦協辦不同的工作坊,向本地非政府組織和社會服務機構介紹舞動心理治療。何女士一直為弘立書院學 生發聲,並會繼續為學生構建關顧、共融和相互支持的氛圍。



姜孝慈女士於 2007 年加入弘立書院。她畢業於台灣輔仁大學社會學系法學士,並在台灣中國文化大學完成新聞學系文學碩士課程。姜女士在弘立書院小學部工作多年,她對小學課程和教學法瞭解深刻 ,並在小學教和學方面展示激情。





單寧女士於 2008 8 月擔任弘立書院小學副校長,並於 2009 8 月榮升小學校長。她於首都師範大學獲得教育碩士及在北京外國語大學取得英語專業文學學士及大學本科學歷。 單女士在北京一所本地小學出任十年的中文科及德育科老師後,獲委任為北京市著名的京源小學校長一職。一年後她被選為北京石景山外語實驗小學創校校長,此乃為五到十二歲學童而開辦的一所全新的政府學校,在職六年後她加入了弘立書院。

September 19th, 2019 8:00 AM   through   10:00 AM
ISF Academy Campus (Check Signs at Gate)
Hong Kong
Event Fee(s)
ISFA PTA Mbrs HK$ 0.00
ISFA Non-PTA Mbrs/ISF Pre-School Parents HK$ 250.00