2019 Secondary Family Service Day

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ISF Academy PTA Secondary Family Service Day 弘立中學家庭服務日

All hands on deck!

The ISF Academy PTA is hosting the 2019 Secondary Family Service Day on Saturday, October 19 from 9:30-11:30am. This autumn’s event is Secondary-focused and open to students and families from Grades 6-12. 

The ISF Academy PTA is partnering for this event with two local, grassroots charitable organizations, Soap Cycling and Impact Hong Kong. Established in 2011 by Mr. David Bishop of the University of Hong Kong, Soap Cycling is Asia’s first and largest soap recycling organisation. In 2018, Soap Cycling collected over 33,000kg of liquid and bar soaps from partner hotels around Asia and distributed more than 24,500kg of soap in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and throughout Southeast Asia, enough to provide more than 50,000 children with a year’s worth of soap. Our Secondary Family Service Day will provide financial and material support for Soap Cycling’s newest campaign in Laos.

Impact Hong Kong, established in 2016 by Jeff Rotmeyer, is committed to serving and improving the lives of the more than 1,000 homeless people in Hong Kong. The motto of Impact HK is simple and clear - Kindness matters. Through more than 50 weekly volunteer-led Kindness Walks through 6 locations in Hong Kong and at The Guestroom, a dedicated facility in Lai Chi Kok, Impact Hong Kong makes a difference in the daily lives of the most needy Hong Kong citizens by providing food, toiletries and daily necessities, as well as kindness, friendship, and community support.

Come join the Soap Cycling and Impact Hong Kong teams as we upcycle used soaps otherwise meant for the landfill, prepare hygiene packets for distribution through Impact Hong Kong and our Secondary ELP Service trips, and create Kindness Mats from recycled plastic bags for the homeless. *There will be an opportunity for participants to follow up with the  distribution of Kindness Mats later in November. In addition to the upcycling activities, students and parents will have the opportunity to view some of the fantastic Service CCAs and student-initiated Service Action/CAS projects that are running this year in Secondary at our Mini Service Fair.

**Additionally, Ms. Diana Ibarra, the Director of Shuyuan, will be leading tours of the ISF rooftop solar panel installation during the event. This is a rare opportunity to see and hear more about ISF's award-winning sustainability initiatives, many of which our students directly participate in!

Participation in this event requires a $100/participant donation. All monies will be donated to Soap Cycling and Impact Hong Kong, which are registered charities in Hong Kong. You can read more about the work of Soap Cycling and Impact Hong Kong on their websites (https://www.soapcycling.org/) and (https://impacthk.org/). 

When: Saturday, October 19th from 9:30-11:30am  *Event check-in opens at 8:45am

Where: Charles Kao Square

Who: Students from Grades 6-12 and their families 



弘立書院家教會將於2019年10月19日星期六舉行2019年度弘立中學家庭服務日,時間是上午9:30 至11:30。這個秋季活動針對中學部,歡迎所有6-12年級的學生和家庭參與。

弘立書院家教會在本次活動中與兩個本地基層慈善機構合作,「再皂福」和Impact Hong Kong。再皂福作為亞洲首個和最大的肥皂再利用組織,由香港大學的David Bishop先生於2011年成立。在2018年,再皂福從亞洲區合作酒店共收集了超過33000公斤的液體和固體肥皂,並分派超過24500公斤到香港,深圳和東南亞地區,超過50000名兒童一年的使用量。我們的中學家庭服務日將對這次再皂福於老撾的新活動提供經濟和物品支援。

Impact Hong Kong,由Jeff Rotmeyer成立於2016年,承諾服務和改善全港超過1000名露宿者的生活。Impact Hong Kong的信念簡單明瞭——仁愛為本。由超過50位義工帶領的團隊每週在香港六個地點進行探訪,在荔枝角的Guestroom是Impact Hong Kong的工作重點與核心,為有需要的露宿者提供食物,洗漱等日常所需來改善他們的生活,同時提供一個安全友善的聚集中心,和社區支援。

請大家聯同再皂福和Impact Hong Kong團隊一起升級回收使用過的肥皂(否則它們將會被送往堆填區)、準備衛生包及透過Impact Hong Kong和中學部的體驗學習課程服務旅行分發這些衛生包,並為露宿者使用回收塑料袋製作仁慈地墊。*參加者稍後將有機會在11月份跟進仁慈地墊的分發。除了升級回收活動以外,學生和家長還有機會在我們的小型服務博覽會上預覽今年中學部將會舉辦的一些精彩服務性質聯課活動和由學生發起的服務行動/CAS項目。

**此外,書院的董事Diana Ibarra女士將在活動期間帶領大家參觀弘立書院屋頂的太陽能電池板裝置。 這是一個難得可以了解學校獲得殊榮的可持續發展計劃的機會,而其中不少計劃都是我們的學生直接參與的!

您只要捐出$100就可以參加這個活動。所有善款將會全數捐助給再皂福和Impact Hong Kong。以上機構皆為香港註冊慈善機構。您可以到再皂福和Impact Hong Kong的網址去進一步了解他們的工作 (https://www.soapcycling.org/) 和 (https://impacthk.org/)。

日期及時間:10月19日(星期六)早上9:30至11:30  *活動由早上8:45開始報到



October 19th, 2019 9:30 AM   through   11:30 AM
1 Kong Sin Wan Road
Charles Kao Square
Hong Kong,
Hong Kong
Event Fee(s) 活動費用
Attending Fee HK$ 100.00
Attending Fee plus $50 donation HK$ 150.00
Attending Fee plus $100 donation HK$ 200.00
Attending Fee plus $150 donation HK$ 350.00