Any old uniform (good or bad condition) can be dropped at C block entrance (primary gate) or Charles Kao Square (outside secondary library) anytime .



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新農曆新年社區服務活動  NEW CNY Community Services Activity 


PTA will collaborate with Dignity Kitchen to organize a community service event during the Winter Break for students, where little hands can bake cookies and observe the distribution in the same afternoon.   

The ISF Academy, ISF Academy PTA, and Impact Hong Kong would like to extend their thanks to all the students who participated in the Art Competition held by Impact Hong Kong for World Homeless Day on Sunday, October 10.

ISF PTA and The ISF Academy Sustainability Council will continue to collect and recycle/upcycle used uniforms throughout this school year.

The ISF Academy is introducing new uniforms in the next Academic Year.

The ISF community once again has been invited to participate in the 2020 HandsOn Hong Kong Serve-a-thon, running from September 10-27. Because of COVID-19, this year’s Serve-a-thon events are more limited. However, ISF students have a special opportunity to participate virtually. Help ISF PTA and HandsOn Hong Kong brighten the day of the elderly in Hong Kong!

今年弘立書院社群,再一次獲 Hands On Hong Kong 的邀請,參與於 9 月 10 至 27 日舉行的國際義 工節 2020。今年因疫情的關係,國際義工節能提供的活動相較以往少。幸運地,弘立書院學生有機 會透過網絡,代表弘立社群及 Hands On Hong Kong,向長者們問好!

Click here to review the presentation used on the ISF Academy PTA's Family Services Day on Saturday, May 4th, 2019.