What is the PTA?

The PTA membership consists of parents of ISF Academy students, faculty, and school principals. The PTA was created to support the ISF Academy to provide quality education, build community spirit, provide a forum of expression and communication, and foster partnerships across the school community. 

Roles within the PTA

The PTA Representative Committee:

Each school year, the PTA Representative Committee “the RC” is formed and comprises of the school’s principals, teacher representatives, and elected parent members.  The Committee meets monthly to discuss and plan events that support school initiatives and the building of a strong school community.

PTA Network:

The RC is supported by the Parent Volunteer Network made up of Class Parents, and Parent Coordinators who reach out across the school to give help where it’s needed.

Activities of the PTA:

The PTA organizes library helpers, library book donation schemes, school-wide celebrations, events, and outings, student mentor programs, parent workshops, and  a visiting speaker series.  They also welcome new parents and teachers through setting up a “buddy” network,  and even provide reprographics support for teachers.


Mission and Objectives

PTA’s Mission:

Make every child’s potential a reality


To develop a relationship with our school community that will positively impact the lives of our children.



家教會成員為弘立書院學生家長、教職員及校長。家教會之成立是為了支援弘立書院提供優質教育、建立社群精神、 提 供表達意見和溝通渠道及促進學校社群間的伙伴關係。



每一新學年都會有新 的代表委員會產生‚成員為弘立書院校長、教師代表及家教會成員投票選出的學生家長。代表委員會每月開會一次,討論及計劃如何支援學校活動及建立強大的學校 社群。


班級家長網絡由各班 家長代表組成,以支援家教會代表委員會 ; 家長聯繫人則負責與學校內各部門保持聯繫,在有需要時提供各種協助。


家教會安排圖書館義 工、圖書捐贈計劃、全校慶祝活動、專題活動、外遊、學生導師計劃、家長工作坊及專題演講系列等 ‚亦設有「搭檔」網絡以歡迎新家長和教師 ‚和向教師提供影印及協助準備教材的支援。